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DM’s Brain: Jumping Rails


Last month into early this month, I ran the first episode of Hoard of the Dragon Queen more or less out of the book. I changed the starting situation (instead of coming across the city, the players were in jail there). Freed by a turncoat guard, they were given the option of joining in on the looting and murder, starting with that lady and those kids over there. They declined, and did the things heroes do.

This isn’t a summary blog, so don’t worry. I mention the start of the adventure because it got the gears in my head turning.

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DM’s Brain: The Most Interesting Thing You’ve Ever Done


I originally planned to┬ástart Horde of the Dragon Queen back in September or October. Due to various reasons that I will mention briefly (mostly to make you jealous), the campaign won’t begin until┬áthe middle of January. This is absolutely okay.

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